5 Oct 2010

Entitlements, change and waste

A reader reflects on Westlands water District...

Westlands is an entitlement, like Medicare for rich people, unsustainable state pension promises, federal flood insurance etc. When you move those peoples' cheese (remember that POS) they mewl. Many left-leaning folks think that favoring, for instance wind farms and urban organic gardens (creating reward systems the markets will not) are a good use of public funds. Similarly, many "pro business" folks favor special rewards for selected industries that in their minds the market seems not to appreciate fully.

What the meddlers fail to see in their enthusiasm for these fine activities is that they too are creating a class of dependent creatures who will whine forever, regardless of whether the original idea, which might have seemed fine once, has become poor policy in the light of history.

Had the sponsors of any of the schemes said "hey, it's an experiment, and if it all blows up, too bad", that would be one thing. Instead, we end up with people telling the rest of us to shut up and pay.

Bottom Line: The beneficiaries become a burden to the original sponsors, because they must be defended, lest the sponsors admit error: political suicide. Natural and monetary resources are directed in irrational ways, creating waste.

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