14 Oct 2010

Coping with social networks

Although I rejoined Facebook after I quit, I am still interested in how these sites screw up:
  • Renting friends, for example, as an extension of Facebook's abuse of "friend."

  • Facebook's "add your friends to this group" has backfired. Zuckerman's notion that we need to share everything and give everyone access meant that he was added to the Man-Boy love group without being asked if he wanted to. Be careful who you "friend."

  • Malcolm Gladwell nails it in this "Revolution will not be Tweeted" piece discussing the difference between weak links (useful for getting a job) and strong links (useful for saving your life). Don't mistake one for the other.

  • And, of course, XKCD has something to say:

Bottom Line: Humans are not easy to engineer, and they shouldn't be.