21 Sep 2010

Poll results -- Photo contest!

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Which ONE of these photos do you like the best?
From my tap to yours 15%13
Castello Saint George 9%8
Maasai at the well 15%13
Thirsty Bees 17%15
Havasu View 7%6
"Human pipes" of Goma 24%21
Corps of Engineers Forever! 14%12

I congratulate our winner, Alex, for this photo

(6) "Human pipes" of Goma. "I took the attached picture in Goma on the north shore of lake Kivu near the border with Rwanda. The picture is important to me because of the banality of the scene, at least to the kids; they do this every day. But to me it's shocking - young bodies stacked up with so much weight and so far to walk (kilometers probably). It's a cliche that what we take for granted is so hard for others to get, but I would see this scene almost anytime I was on the street. It's more than a cliche to me now. I think without thoughtful management and conservation, those of us lucky enough to have advanced water systems will find life increasingly difficult as water becomes more scarce in the future."

Alex wins his choice of bumper sticker (woo hoo!). Alex -- send me your choice and address!

Thanks to the photographers for their awesome photos and voters for expressing their pleasure :)