30 Sep 2010

Mulroy's propaganda

(via TS) The NY Times talks about "Las Vegas's Worried Water Czar[ina]" as if Pat Mulroy is a momma defending her babies from attacking animals.

That's a laugh.

I left this comment [re-edited for here]:
“Nevada’s problem has become everyone’s problem,” she said. “The last thing that everyone needs is for a city that relies 90 percent on that water to not meet its needs.”

No, it's YOUR problem because you sell water too cheaply to residents and real estate developers. $21/month for water service results in 280 gallons/person/day consumption.

Pat can't solve the problem because Pat IS the problem.
Pat doesn't need more water. She needs to raise her prices.

I'm no fan of the Colorado River Compact, but it sets a baseline for water trades. When will we get those?

1 comment:

  1. "The Price of Water: A Comparison of Water Rates, Usage in 30 U.S. Cities by Brett Walton" is on the circleofblue website and gives more evidence on why they really do need to raise their prices and curb their demand.



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