28 Sep 2010

Free water? WTF?

This is NOT from The Onion:
Senate Bill 1413, which has passed the Assembly and Senate and is awaiting the governor's signature, and calls for fresh water to be available in school eating areas by next July.


School officials think offering water is a good idea — but are afraid of the cost.

Most schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District don't have free water in eating areas, said David Binkle, deputy director of food services.

"We happen to think it's a great option," Binkle said. But he's not sure where school would find the money for equipment, filters or water testing. The bill provides no funding.
That's because they are making money from soda machines, as I explained here.

Bottom Line: Students are NOT an income source; they are your customers! School choice would fix this.


  1. I don't understand why LA schools don't have free water. They don't have drinking fountains? Soda companies made them remove them?

    Have kids carry an empty bottle and fill it at a water fountain. Problem solved.

  2. Funny, I am a school choicer by practice but not by admitted ideology! But, yes, at the happy hippy waldorf charter school my kid goes to there are no vending machines and free (to the student) water available, with each student required to bring a refillable water bottle to school. And yes, the emphasis on natural health and environmentally sound choices is a large part of the draw. Sigh. So maybe you have a point :) But then how would we ever force the other 80% that doesn't mind if their kids drink soda and throw-away bottled water all day to provide better choices for their kids if us squeaky wheels don't get the whole system changed?

  3. @Adam -- no fountains or dispensers. (It's about vending contracts, yes)

    @Michelle -- no need to force anything. Choice extends to the choice over what to drink :)


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