22 Sep 2010

Bleg -- Cover and subtitle for End of Abundance?

Hi Folks,

Happy Equinox (Fall begins!)

I am working like a dog on revisions to the manuscript for The End of Abundance: A Primer on Water Economics. Woof!

(Here's the website, btw, with a little bit of description...)
  1. I am not too pleased with the subtitle to the book (A Primer on Water Economics). Any better ideas? I think it's good to keep "water" and "economics".

  2. Any good ideas for cover art? A photo perhaps?
Feel free to email me, and thanks for help!


  1. The subtitle could just be:

    Water Economics

    As for the picture, the one that comes to mind is a cracked mud flat with a small stream entering from top right and disappearing into one of the cracks a little to the left of and below center. Most of the picture has no water. The stream starts at a credible size and disappears as it enters the picture.

  2. I agree with Eric. There needs to be some mention of water in the subtitle.

  3. To choose a title for his book, Supercrunchers, (original title: The End of Intuition), Ian Ayers entered several different possible titles on Google Adwords and found that Supercrunchers generated the most visits. I can't recall if he had to create/modify several different webpages or how much it cost, but the economics are pretty solid.

  4. How about "Exploring the value, cost and price of water."

    This is how we describe our work on water economics/finance. Steal and modify as you wish!

  5. "Exploring ...."

    Too long
    Too boring

    "Water economics" seems to mean the same thing.

  6. What about "Water and Economics in the 21st Century"?

  7. OK, here's my $0.02. I hate subtitles -- they're tedious and should be unnecessary. If you have to add one because people won't know what the book's about without it, then change the main title. Make it "The End of Water Abundance."

  8. Or, in response to Kate's suggestion, "Water: The End of Abundance," although it's not necessarily true in the implication that abundance was the prevalent condition until now--it's been a long time since water was abundant in many otherwise habitable regions of the world...

  9. Water Economics is nice, although it is like there could be also "land economics," "air economics," "iron economics," etc., with who knows what distinctions among them.. How about "The Economics of Water." I believe it gives a different and more accurate sense of the issue. It also relates very well with the main title -End of abundace => scarcity => economics-

  10. Thanks everyone. Keep 'em coming. I am thinking about each of these suggestions...

  11. Written for laypeople...I like:

    End of Abundance: The convergence of water economics, politics and policy in the 21st century

    ...or some variation of this general theme. I changed your title to make it flow better. "The..: The" didn't do it for me. A trip to thesaurus.com could probably fix that.

  12. What is the purpose of the subtitle?

    "Primer" makes it sound like a textbook, so many potential buyers will skip it. Same for "Economics;" hard as may be for you to believe, many people are not turned on by that word.

    You might rather go for something less informative but more intriguing, to get people to pick the book up and read the back-cover blurb at least. "Will There Be Enough Water?" is gimmicky but you get the idea.

  13. Subtitle: Are you ready for the PAIN??

    Kidding... I was going to suggest something similar to Andrew547 above:

    "Water economics for the layperson"


    "Water economics for non-economists"

    You always refer to your book along these lines here anyway, so not sure why don't use 'em for the real deal.


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