28 Sep 2010

Anything but water

Hattip to WEH


  1. WEH emails: "My son youngest son got his drivers license in April. Well, cash for clunkers took out the entire "first time buyer" type of vehicles. The vehicles remaining were way over priced. Used vehicle prices have risen 10 to 20% since cash for clunkers (supply reduction). Used vehicle parts have risen as well.

    After five months of looking and looking, found this one owner vehicle. Lady had all maintenance records, 258 k total miles on vehicles however rebuilt engine installed at 190,000 miles, new tires and belts installed spring 2010. Every last thing down to the power side view mirrors work! She recently bought a new Ford and dealer did not want this car as a trade-in (told her to sell it herself). We bought this 1995 Toyota Camry station wagon from her for $2,200. Believe it or not, found this car for sale at a private country club after playing golf with a client two weeks ago.

    Hence my tax dollars (cost #1) financed a program that was a failure but also caused me to use an abnormal amount of time (cost # 2) to locate a reasonable value. Very nice! Yes, we need more government!"

  2. The comment trail to the Globe recycling article contains better thinking than the article itself. One of them makes DZ's point: incentives matter. Others recognize the reason why recycling seems more expensive than disposal: because the costs of waste have been externalized and the incentives are distorted.

    Hey WEH, you might want to have your water tested, I think there's Irony in it too. Complaining about the cost of a car for your kid? Am I really supposed to be sympathetic? I supose next you'll be whining about how expensive gasoline is. I guess the whole "End of Abundance" idea hasn't sunk in yet.


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