22 Sep 2010

Anything but water

  • In praise of dissent: "enormous benefits await when somebody is brave enough to disrupt this coveted social harmony and challenge prevailing conventions. History is littered with such visionaries who have been vilified by their communities."

  • 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly

  • The REAL Stuff White People Like (from dating profiles)

  • I also think that this is a problem: "In 1961 full-time students in four-year colleges spent 24 hours a week studying; that has fallen to 14... The most plausible explanation is that professors are not particularly interested in students’ welfare. Promotion and tenure depend on published research, not good teaching. Professors strike an implicit bargain with their students: we will give you light workloads and inflated grades so long as you leave us alone to do our research."

  • Governments can create markets, but such markets can be scammed: "because destroying a tonne of HFC-23 is a lot cheaper than avoiding the emission of more than 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, HFC-23 destruction has become the CDM’s principal source of emissions credits... 59% of the CERs used as offsets in the EU cap-and-trade scheme in 2009 came from HFC-23 projects, representing more than €500m ($695m) in credits." Now people are questioning the accounting behind HFC-23 credits. Read the whole thing.

  • Excellent: "This latitude that we give one another creates a space in which a culture of crime lives and breeds. It is dishonest not to admit that this is true. At the same time, America is an immensely creative country, very inventive, extraordinarily dynamic, meaning that things change in America at a staggering pace."

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