27 Sep 2010

30 months of aguanomics

When do we stop counting months and go to years? When do parents start talking about a baby's years instead of months? (Updates from six months, one year, 18 months and 2 years)

Well this is the last half-year update. :)
The big picture

Things going pretty damn well at aguanomics! My impressions are that the community here is getting stronger, the discussions are getting more sophisticated, and there's even a small hint of "aguanomic" ideas circulating offline. I am still committed to continuing this blog for quite some time. It's fun. That drawing on the right? I made that when I was a little trouble-maker. (Blogs were on paper then :)

Stats (geek fest!)

We're upto 2,850 posts (about 140 of these are from guests and 60 or so from Damian).

Much to my surprise and pleasure, aguanomics is ranked 3,578 out of over 1.2 million blogs. We've also got an overall Technorati Authority of 514 (HuffPo is 913). Ironically, our "green rank" is lower. Maybe I've been talking too much about macroeconomics? or is it the markets?

About 1,200 people are subscribed to the blog; they usually read it remotely. There are about 300 visitors per day, with the fewest on Saturdays. In the past year, about 56,000 people have made about 100,000 visits to the site [pdf], looking at an average of 1.6 pages (curiosity!). Traffic is up about 4-5 percent based on the prior year [pdf]


I really enjoy the interaction with people on this blog. A lot of smart people with various experiences have made this a deeper community.

Please do invite your friends and colleagues to participate. I know that a water blog is about as geeky as it gets, but I've really learned a lot here. (Damn, the book is looking so much better. I am VERY excited. Bummer that it's going to take AGES to get out in print...) The more people we get, the better the debate and ideas, and the more likely that they will get out in the world.

You can get this blog on RSS/email or good ol' bookmark :)

I was very happy to meet Emily Green in LA. We talked for a few hours, and she's really an exceptional woman. I am hoping to meet other water bloggers in person, but this was a good start. It's just amazing how cool people can be, and I regret that our online tools still lack the depth of face-to-face interactions.

I've added new labels to posts. Fail is for those sad situations when promises are not kept. Win is for results that move us all in the right direction. I noticed that there's a lot more fail than win here. That's mostly because I am interested in highlighting (and fixing!) broken things instead of cheering for great things. I am still quite an optimist as far as people are concerned (not sure about politicians and lobbyists). I want more win posts because people are always asking me "so what works? got an example?"

If you have good fail/win stories, send them! If I mislabeled your favorite fail/win post, please tell me.

I am also pleased with the number of posts. Eight to twelve posts week seems to be working for me, in terms of getting enough interesting stuff up but not overwhelming you (or me). I recommend that you take a look at speed blogging posts; their links are higher quality, now that I filter more stuff.

My Plans

I'm flying to Amsterdam today, and I'll be over there until Jan 2011, living with my girlfriend Anne. That's totally exciting, but I am also excited to be able to learn more about water in Europe.

In the meantime, I am looking for a job, probably at a university or think tank where I can continue to do research, teach and do outreach (BLOG!).

I am interested in consulting gigs but not full time. I hate to do neat stuff that I can't share with you.

It looks like I will be giving a few talks over there ("Wazzup Cali!") but also coming back here to give a few talks. These are very good developments.

Some people have asked if I make anything from this blog. Well, not directly. My total ad revenues are about $125 (didja see the ads? no? good.), and my annual expenses are about $30 (turning off ads for polls). I totally appreciate all the free cool blogger tools out there.

On the other hand, I use this blog to get the word out, on aguanomics, my work, and my ideas. My cost is my time, but this is a pretty damn good use of my time. I am also really happy to be useful to people, maybe even worth $100,000!

I've benefited from UCLA (undergraduate), UC David (PhD) and UC Berkeley (postdoc), so I really feel that I have a responsibility (and ability) to the People of California. Other people? They get my stuff for free :)

I am unpaid, over-employed, and totally having a blast!

So, let's carry on, promoting good ideas and burying bad ones. There's still work to do.