11 Aug 2010

Speed blogging

  • Critical theorists will now inflict us with their opinions on ecology. Read the Journal of Ecocriticism (e.g., "Mining Westerns: Seeking Sustainable Development in Pale Rider and McCabe and Mrs. Miller"), but hold onto your sanity.

  • PERC has some great reports that ALL enviros should read (to make sure they are doing the RIGHT thing to save the earth): Recycling Myths Revisited (= don't bother) and 7 myths about green jobs (= they aren't).

  • Interesting: "Anti-immigrant backlashes don’t always track closely with actual immigration. They track with unemployment, popular anxiety, and a fear of displacement by strangers. They depend on woeful narratives of national decline, of which there is lately no shortage." Got that Dobbs? McCain?

  • The weakening of Hong Kong capitalism will lead to many problems, such as those manipulated regulations at Goldman Sachs and the banking industry. A pity.

  • The Do Not Call Registry tops 200 million numbers. I guess that people really DON'T like telemarketers! Read more on its origin and how telemarketers fought (and fight) it.