4 Aug 2010

Speed blogging

  • I'm in Montana, so I am reading actively moving water, Chris Corbin's excellent blog on water trading. This post discusses why senior water rights may not be useful; this one discusses regulatory bottlnecks to trades. Read and learn!

  • Travis Lybbert (a professor at my old department at UC Davis) has a nice piece on adoption of new drought-tolerant crops by poor farmers.

  • The meaning of life. Really.

  • Another explanation of how the stimulus is misguided.

  • An excellent piece on how to deal with shortage, i.e., either "1) limit population growth and agricultural land expansions, 2) increase water management and use efficiency, and 3) pay to either pump water from deepening aquifers, transport water from more distant sources, desalinate sea water, or reclaim/reuse already consumed water."
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