14 Aug 2010

It's my birthday!

So I'm now 41 (prime number!) and indeed thankful to have lived another year.

Some of you may think that all I do is bitch and moan, criticizing left and right, but I am totally aware of how lucky I am, and how lucky we are. I just want things to be better.

The photo is from Nicaragua, and I asked Anne to take it because I was particularly chuffed with my freedom to travel and enjoyment that it brings.

Anne and I should be somewhere in the Tetons today, but you can rest assured that I am thinking of more fun things to do, projects to tackle, truths to "out," and life to live.

Oh, and it's great to have such good readers, colleagues, friends and family in my life. I'm a commie as far as sharing a good joke, a clever insight and a cold beer. Thanks for being here.