27 Aug 2010

Central American travel

As many of you know, Anne and I went to Central America for seven weeks during June and July.

Before we left, I asked you to vote on where we should spend our time. We managed to follow your recommendation for one country (Panama). The figure below compared suggested shares of time vs actual [awesome, very fun] days.

Of course, most of you don't care about how much time we spent. You want photos.

Here's a favorite from Granada, Nicaragua:

There are 400 more, so set aside time to enjoy Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.


  1. Found the rail bridge photo fascinating. Do trains no longer pass on that bridge?

    Have you been to Turrialba in Costa Rica? I'll be there with family in February, and will likely enjoy the water in the form of Class 4 rapids. That will be my first time to CR.

  2. @Mike -- that's the bridge we walked over at the CR-Panama border. Trucks pass over it, but no trains (as I recall, there are no tracks left on either side). Have fun in Turrialba -- we didn't go there :)

  3. Ah! I'd love to walk that bridge. We have some day trip options, so who knows.



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