20 Aug 2010

Anything but water

Non-water speed blogging (on the suggestion of my dad):
  • The Mexican President wants to debate legalizing drugs, a good way to reduce harm (28,000 murdered since 2006) in his country, a supplier of drugs to meet demand from we gringos.

  • Mike Munger details how the Chilean government destroyed a perfectly-efficient "public" transportation system (run by private operators), by taking it over for the government to run. (Mike is going to give an updated version soon...)

  • In 2006 Milton Friedman (now dead) said that government overspending will cause inflation (and not by accident). He also talks about the false allure of corporate social responsibility. Tea Bagger God?

  • How Glenn Beck* and Goldline are robbing people blind [click to enlarge]. Hint: It's the 42% loss you take on delivery.

  • Paul Ryan (R-WI) pisses off his fellow Congresscritters by trying to balance the budget. Read this excellent comment to get a feel for what politicians want vs what citizens need.

* Maybe Glenn is working with these guys?
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