16 Jul 2010

Why do businesses let money run down the drain?

ED sent this article on the money that businesses can save with water conservation. Does this imply that businesses are leaving money on the table? Maybe.

First, we have to remember that most businesses established their budgets and bookkeeping at a time when water was "too cheap to meter." They may not have updated their expense tracking in response to higher prices or metered consumption. So water costs that are under the radar can indeed be reduced with little effort.

But that may not be true. Some businesses could perhaps reduce water consumption (and expense), but at a cost (time, equipment) that exceeds the savings.

Finally, there's the issue wit bureaucracy. The problem may be that one division (even one worker) is in charge of paying water bills while another is in charge of water use. If the latter position does not have a financial incentive to reduce use, then "waste" will continue. This is true for many organizations -- governmental, for profit, etc.

Bottom Line: Businesses may be wasting money but maybe not. Tell us what's happening at your work, about the link between water consumption and water bills.


  1. Businesses are too busy filling out tax and other government forms to worry about water conservation.

  2. That's not a $20 bill laying there, because if it was a $20 bill laying there, somebody would have already picked it up...


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