27 Jul 2010

Speed blogging

  • Food and Water Watch has a guide to understanding your utility's water quality report. It may be useful, but you will have to wade through their human rights and government-knows-best propaganda.

  • Many English speakers cannot understand the passive tense. That may explain why academics and bureaucrats like to use it (to sound smart), but it also explains why people have a hard time understanding them. That's a problem if citizens cannot understand laws or their rights.

  • Some interesting thoughts on subsidies vs user pays.

  • Pro-citizen groups have put together a tool to help people understand how to draw their own borders for congressional districts. This is a great way of seeing how far politically-biased boundaries drift from boundaries that are objective or that serve OTHER partisan interests.

  • The extra stuff in beer that they (Bud, Miller) don't tell you about.

  • Details on why clean coal isn't.
Hattips to RT and JWT

1 comment:

  1. Active verbs make better writing. The passive voice distances the speaker/writer from his subject and verb by making predicate phrases into a "state of being" or "is, are, was, were" construction. "The Sailor hit the Soldier" tells the action directly and vividly. The passive construction takes the punch out of the action.

    And who would drink (waste calories with) Miller swill when there's micro brews like Dechutes, Sierra Nevada, and Rogue?


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