27 Jul 2010

I'm in Montana!

I'm here as a Julian Simon Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center. PERC does a lot of cool research on how markets can improve the environment and how to prevent regulations from destroying it.

I am working on the second draft of my book, The End of Abundance, using the comments that 25-30 reader-reviewers provided me. These folks deserve a LOT of praise for such useful comments!

I'll be catching up on logistics (processing photos from Central America, figuring out what's next in terms of jobs and living location, organizing my academic, consulting and outreach work) while I get caught up on some recent developments in water -- and blogging on them!

If you're going to be near Bozeman in the next month, then say hi.


  1. Dr. Zetland:

    Did you really go to Montana, and pull a Frank Zappa, in your ongoing quest to become a Dental Floss Tycoon?

  2. David - congrats on the fellowship. That's quite an honor. I really enjoy the work they do at PERC and have occasionally entertained the idea of getting into their Enviropreneur Institute. Enjoy the Montana summer. Looking forward to the book.



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