10 Jul 2010

Flashback: 4--10 July

These were relevant a year ago and -- alas! -- they still are:

Watching the Train Wreck -- overdrafting g/w in the Central Valley. How bad did it get? Or is the water table still dropping?

Rivers of Gold -- The Review -- how water markets succeed -- and fail.

BEST: Climate Change -- Theory vs. Reality -- my demonstration of how irrelevant academics are in the face of money and power.

Stimulus -- Damian looks at how politicians waste money.

BEST: What Does per Capita Daily Use Really Mean? -- a good overview.


  1. I hadn't seen your conference negotiation on carbon emissions before. Interesting, but I think the bunch of eggheads in the room were not nearly cynical enough.

    It seems to me that the best solution, from the perspectives of pretty much everybody who is actually involved in the negotiations, is more or less being achieved already.

    The politicians in the West get to seem like they're "doing something about the problem." They can point to the intransigence of the Chinese as a roadblock, while reassuring their constituents that they're working as hard as they can. The Chinese can solicit little bribes and favors along the way as payment for doing Western leaders the favor or not going along with them. Meanwhile, nobody's economy is saddled with a growth-killing carbon tax or cap-and-trade program. (Well, except the Europeans, who never really meant it anyway.)

    As a skeptic of the chain from carbon emissions to climate change, I can imagine worse outcomes.

  2. Can anyone explain why is a 'carbon tax' or 'cap and trade' program would 'kill' growth. It seems that excessive growth has frequently 'killed' growth through the generic boom & bust cycle.


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