17 Jul 2010

Flashback: 11--17 July

These were relevant a year ago and -- alas! -- they still are:

Dust Bowl or Salad Bowl -- Congress didn't make farmers to plant alfalfa in the desert, but Jeff Michael wants to know if they know the meaning of Reliable.

BEST: Higher Prices, Problems Fixed? NOT! The most common mistake for reporters, politicians and water managers.

Hanging Your Thoughts on a Framework -- the differences between behavioral, environmental and experimental economics.

BEST: Empty Houses and Homeless People -- how to fix the real estate market.

Is "Sustainable Growth" an Oxymoron? It is when consumption is tangible.

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  1. WH emails: "In economics you can certainly put “growth” and “development” in the same sentence.

    In political-economy “sustainability” can be in the same sentence as “growth” as long the term is used simultaneously with "deveopment".

    In politics “sustainability” is used, and is about as fuzzy defined as the term “fair”."


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