30 Jul 2010

Bias at California's DWR

The Department of Water Resources distributes five emails per work day to many people interested in California water issues. I have often wanted my stuff to be included in these emails.

I understand that they may not want to publish blog posts, but I was surprised to get this response to my piece in Forbes from Ted Thomas (Chief, Media and Public Information Branch, Public Affairs Office):
Thanks for your interest and congratulations on being published in Forbes. Regarding our clip service, I should explain that its purpose is to keep our managers and employees current with news that relates to their work and responsibilities. While your commentary is interesting, it does not usefully add to our program dialogue.
So it's not possible to redistribute a piece pointing out that shortages result because water prices are too low, but it's ok to distribute a blog post that says "The Colorado River IS Running Dry"? (Panic! Build more storage <-- another article DWR distributed.)

Bottom Line: DWR serves its bias (we want more supply!), not citizens needs (we want no shortage!).