18 Jun 2010

Speed Blogging


  1. The Case for Tipping Well -


  2. 'The trouble'

    There are not only lumber pirates and ownwership difficulties but mature forests do not sequester any more carbon over time. They just sit there without absorbing or emitting net carbon.

    One way to get them to absorb more carbon, a method successful around the world, is to burn them down. Some of managed forests are much more susceptible to forest fires. We had the 49,000 acre Cerro Grande fire just to our west as proof of this.

    Then you can regrow the forest. Unfortunately the carbon of the last forest is now back in the atmosphere.

  3. Eric, you make a decent point, although the net from natural wildfires (at least in California) is still unkown. Also in California, second-growth redwoods will sequester gigantic amounts of carbon for hundreds of years as they try to re-establish themselves.

    Really, we'd need to do some serious reforestation, globally, to even start to have a real offset for emissions, PLUS I can see a lucrative carbon-stand insurance market which, when it needs to pay out, may pay the year's carbon value as "mitigation", but will do nothing to curb the total emissions of actual carbon from the fire.


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