8 Jun 2010

Speed Blogging

  • My post on water in Canada and I'm quoted saying that Green Jobs are BS.

  • Electricity from cheese!

  • The Economist has a lot of great articles on water.

  • Scarborough has written a useful overview on using markets to restore in-stream flows. He begins by recounting the history of "water that flows to the sea is wasted" (with a sad photo of the Colorado River Delta), before moving to a state-by-state comparison of in-stream activities and constraints. He ends with a useful description of how to do more trades.

  • People interested in that article should read Gould's 1988 article [pdf] for a useful discussion of the complicated ways that water transfers can produce third-party impacts on other rights holders. (The traditional use of third party refers to member of the community who indirectly benefit from the use to which water is put.) My take away message is that transfers within a watershed are less troubling (and more sustainable) than inter-basin transfers. Even so, it makes sense to be conservative with transfer quantities -- leaving plenty of buffers to reduce the potential for harm.