9 Jun 2010

Poll Results -- Traveling!

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On June 3rd, I leave for 45 days to these countries. Where should I spend MORE time?
Panama 20%13
Costa Rica 41%27
Nicaragua 21%14
Honduras 18%12
66 votes total

Now don't anyone get upset, but I am actually planning to spend time in OPPOSITE proportions to what you all have suggested. Since I am more interested in places with different cultures from the US, I am spending less time in Costa Rica. Since I don't want to spend too much money while traveling (Anne and I budget about $20/person/day), I am also likely to spend more time in cheaper countries.

We are now on the island of Utila off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. It's very nice here -- sunny clean waters -- and our room on the water costs $20/night. I'll go diving tomorrow. On Thursday, we go back to the mainland, to see some more of the jungles.

Bottom Line: People travel for different reasons.


  1. I wanted you to go to Nicaragua because my wife is from there, and my family lived there for 2 years when I was little.

  2. Michelle Meaders9 Jun 2010, 23:34:00

    Costa Rica is attractive partly because its culture is unlike the US's:
    They gave up their army decades ago and don't want it back, which frees up money for other things. They have had Social Security, paid maternity leave, and universal health coverage since the 1930s.

    Also, people live modestly and there aren't billionaires. They use geothermal elctricity, so there is very little air pollution. They adopted an environmental plan for the whole country that was worked on by all the stakeholder groups.

  3. Make sure to spend time on Ometepe in Nicaragua. Seriously.

  4. A couple of places you might want to check out:
    1. Corn Islands, Nicaragua. You have to pay $160 US for the round-trip flight from Managua, but it's definitively worth it. There is great (and cheap) diving, neat places to see, and great seafood.
    2. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Definitively one of the cheapest places to learn how to surf. Ask for Alfredo at Casa Oro for surf lessons - he's an older Peruvian guy who is a great instructor, and it's far cheaper than taking lessons in CR.
    3. Santa Teresa, CR. You can rent a 1 BR house for $200US a week 100M from the beach with AC, kitchen, and a furnished bathroom. They have a great zipline tour system, as well as great surfing. You can also camp at the beach on the northern side of Santa Teresa. I would defintively recommend skipping Tamarindo and Jaco - they're tourist-laden with not much to see, unless you're into cocaine and getting robbed...
    4. San Blas, Panama. I met some Israelis who had a great time sailing there. It's also supposed to be pretty cheap.


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