9 Jun 2010

Poll Results -- Traveling!

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On June 3rd, I leave for 45 days to these countries. Where should I spend MORE time?
Panama 20%13
Costa Rica 41%27
Nicaragua 21%14
Honduras 18%12
66 votes total

Now don't anyone get upset, but I am actually planning to spend time in OPPOSITE proportions to what you all have suggested. Since I am more interested in places with different cultures from the US, I am spending less time in Costa Rica. Since I don't want to spend too much money while traveling (Anne and I budget about $20/person/day), I am also likely to spend more time in cheaper countries.

We are now on the island of Utila off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. It's very nice here -- sunny clean waters -- and our room on the water costs $20/night. I'll go diving tomorrow. On Thursday, we go back to the mainland, to see some more of the jungles.

Bottom Line: People travel for different reasons.