13 Jun 2010

Flashback: 6 -- 12 June 2010

These were relevant a year ago and -- alas! -- they still are:

Poor Analysis Does NOT Change Minds -- analytical junk from the Pacific Institute does NOT help their cause.

BEST: From Deep Pockets to Deep Hatred -- Central Valley farmers are mad that they can't get their subsidized water. Unfortunately, they cannot Blame the Smelt! -- because it's the drought. (OTOH, merging DWR and SWRCB would help.) That doesn't stop Schwarzenegger's Big Lie, but the Delta Vision Foundation may spout some truth How are they doing now?

Resource abuse: Accounting for Sprawl (a big problem, in lots of places) and Mountaintop Removal in Arizona, a state dominated by mining special interests. Of course, we now have new things to worry about, like Carbon offset fraud.


  1. TS emails: "I believe that the Delta Vision group is disbanded."

  2. Yes, that nut in the shell game is concluded:



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