6 Jun 2010

Flashback: 30 May -- 5 June 2010

These were relevant a year ago and -- alas! -- they still are:

Do Not Steal to Balance the Budget! -- Politicians who prefer to rob than spend less. More on that in Governor Blackmail

BEST: A Few Thoughts on Health Care -- this is still right and the health care bill missed it. Bummer for us (patients, workers and citizens)

Stockton Update -- dissecting a failed privatization.

BEST: Powell on Arid Lands -- wow. This book should really be read by everyone west of the Mississippi. Snow of DWR and Quinn of ACWA didn't appear to, since they forgot to mention the Demand Side of shortage. Instead, they want a Peripheral Canal, which was just as popular as toxic waste in the 1982 referendum.

Happy Birthday to My Dad! -- He's one year older (77!) and politicians are STILL telling people what to do. Bummer. Speaking of that, Tienanmen -- 20 Years Later reminds me to say "Fuck the fascists" -- still.

BEST: Money Grabs -- do deposits on bottled water help?

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  1. Re: Do Not Steal to Balance the Budget!

    “Oh, and did you notice that word in bold ("needs")? If the government has needs and those needs are growing, then the non-government is going to suffer. Why? Because government does not create value.”

    Oh no! The government has “needs”. What about those needs? What are some of the dynamics of government needs?

    (1) the fourth category of spending as outlined by Milton Friedman,

    (2) the 1883 Forgotten Man essay by William Graham Sumner,

    (3) the failure to seek the simplest, least expensive solution that actually solves a problem,

    (4) the political class making the moral argument to the producer class to transfer income and wealth to the recipient class,

    (5) government as the “transfer agent” of the transfer payment, and the subsequent use of the transfer agent (government )and the transfer payment itself by the political class for constituency building,

    (6) the anointed/intelligentsia view of “the way things ought to be” and subsequent use of government as the answer vs. the tragic/empirical view of: if markets fail then governments fail too,

    (7) the failure to appreciate neo-classical economics and the discussions and concepts surrounding the firm and supply side of the equation,

    (8) the failure to appreciate the overall concept of the Laffer Curve and that an equilibrium does in fact exist within the realm of taxation,

    (9) that governments create no value and to a great extent act merely as a transfer agent hence expanding size and scope of government is inefficient,

    (10) the failure to appreciate the U.S. Constitution as a document outlining how to “constitute” a limited government.

    Add your dynamic here -à ______________ .


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