19 Jun 2010

Flashback: 13 -- 19 June 2010

These were relevant a year ago and -- alas! -- they still are:

BEST: Cash for Clunkers -- a good example of how to hide a subsidy in green clothes, or greenwashing. Total environmental and economic disaster.

Masaru Emoto and Talking to Water -- and hearing "voices"? Further evidence of peoples' science illiteracy.

BEST: Corrupt Politicians and Their Paymasters, aka, how sausage is made, DC-style.

The New Imperialism -- buying farmland in poor countries. This trend is expanding, as far as I can tell, and it's troubling -- when the sellers are dictators, not citizens.

BEST: Life in a Tinderbox -- people who live in the forest should NOT expect to be protected from wildfires.

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  1. JWT emails: "All cash for clunkers did was to move car sales ahead a month or two. Check out the sharp drop in sales in the months following the end of the program. Any half-ass manager knows how to manipulate short term sales. I always made my numbers. It just involved a sale the month before the end of the quarter. Then you pray for divine intervention in the following quarter. It usually worked. If Larry and Timmy knew anything whatsoever about how the real world works, they would never have have come up with such a stupid and expensive piece of nonsense."


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