10 Jun 2010

Bleg: US resources?

CL asks:
I am looking for information on the renewable supply at the state level for the US from 1950-2000. I come to you to ask if you happen to know of a source where I could find this information. I am searching in the USGS databases. Any advice and guide is the most appreciated.
Any help out there?


  1. I don't think you will find a source that lists "renewable" supply, specifically. That term can be defined in differing ways. What you need to do is determine what you are calling "renewable" and look for data on those supplies - i.e. annual streamflows, groundwater recharge, effluent reuse, etc.

  2. Good advice. I'll follow it. Thanks.

    The somewhat standard definition of renewable supply is precipitation minus evapotranspiration, which gives total runoff, which in turn divides into surface runoff and aquifer recharge.

    FAO's aquastat has a good database of the renewable supply for almost all the countries of the world. From there I know that the US has some 3000km^3 per year as its renewable supply. About 800 occur in Alaska. That's why I wanted a picture per state.

    I was able to approximate the supply for the Northeast US region at about 250km^3 per year from one report of the USGS.

    Will pursue advice to see if I can break down further to have it at the State level.

    Great! Thanks



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