20 May 2010

Water use, by county and sector

In this post, I highlighted the USGS report on water use in the US but complained that the data was not broken into sectors (irrigation, public water, etc.)

I was wrong to complain.*

Shahram emailed USGS and got this reply:
Public supply deliveries for Domestic use are in column V, with the tag DO-PSDel (DOmestic, PublicSupplyDeliveries). You can calculate the percentage of domestic use for public supply by dividing column V by column Q, PS-Wtotl (Public Supply total withdrawals).
Go here to get state-by-state spreadsheets with county-level data.

Also read his previous guest post, where he discusses per capita use.

Bottom Line: Data is useless without knowing how to use it :)
* Now I am going to complain about these abbreviations: "DO-PSDel"? WTF?