20 May 2010

Water use, by county and sector

In this post, I highlighted the USGS report on water use in the US but complained that the data was not broken into sectors (irrigation, public water, etc.)

I was wrong to complain.*

Shahram emailed USGS and got this reply:
Public supply deliveries for Domestic use are in column V, with the tag DO-PSDel (DOmestic, PublicSupplyDeliveries). You can calculate the percentage of domestic use for public supply by dividing column V by column Q, PS-Wtotl (Public Supply total withdrawals).
Go here to get state-by-state spreadsheets with county-level data.

Also read his previous guest post, where he discusses per capita use.

Bottom Line: Data is useless without knowing how to use it :)
* Now I am going to complain about these abbreviations: "DO-PSDel"? WTF?


  1. Good, now that that's resolved I can give you something new to complain about. In the past they reported consumptive use values in the ag sector (not consistently but enough to be useful). The latest summary includes no consumptive use data. That was a real disappointment to me.

  2. I bet if you were making a table with a Column V you'd be using abbreviations, too. ;)


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