19 May 2010

Travelblog: Australian resource photos

Everyone knows how much water is left...

...even when there is none at all.

And here's my least-favorite image:

But "bulk molasses"? I can get behind that!


  1. Bulk molasses with a diesel/electric pulling it….that‘s the ticket!

    Reminds me of this post: Rail Freight Fuel Efficiency Has Doubled Since 1980


  2. Is the "Swimming Area, Boating Area" Ballarat? If so, was just as disturbed to see it when I was there. If not, well - it's even scarier.

  3. @Rach -- ohhh, good question. I don't think we stopped in Ballarat, but we *di* go thru on the A8. I think it was near Dimboola, but I don't have an exact location...

  4. OK, it was somewhere between Dimboola and Grampians National Park :)


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