12 May 2010

Taugher on Westlands and Corruption

Corruption, n. When someone uses political office for private gain.

Taugher says:
A former Bush administration official [Manson] whose tenure was marked by systematic attempts to weaken endangered species protections has gone to work for a powerful California farm district [Westlands] that has the same aim in the Delta.
I'll put it this way: Show me that this is NOT corrupt.


  1. Perhaps I'm obtuse, but I don't understand how using your previous experience (whether that is in public service or private industry) to get a paying job is corrupt. Is there more to this story that I'm not seeing?

  2. @CRG -- it's not experience, but contacts and not contacts per se, but contacts that help your new employer get around laws. There's a LOT of wiggle room with laws and regulations, and a personal touch can give WWD more benefits than *should be* on the table. Oh, and don't think that I don't know that it takes two to tango and that the folks in gov't -- with power -- have to accede to corrupt practices, or, as they say "undue influence."


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