9 Jun 2010

Speed Blogging

  • If you work on water in LDCs, then read these seven myths on rural water [pdf]. Institutions matter more than money. Do outside experts?

  • River Basins: Trajectories, Societies, Environments for MANY countries. Go look.

  • "NWRI... evaluated the presence and fate of constituents of emerging concern (CECs), such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and components of personal care products, in three major drinking water sources for over 25-million people in Southern California. The three water sources include the State Water Project, Colorado River, and Santa Ana River"...and found CECs at extremely low levels. The water may taste bad, but it's not going to kill or sterilize you :)

  • "Imagine H2O announces a $100,000 prize for startup businesses that reduce the energy needed to move and treat water and wastewater."

  • "SEWAGE SLUDGE OR BIOSOLIDS? Is It A Toxic Hazardous Solid Waste or Safe Fertilizer? Ignorance, Confusion, and Lies" Doesn't seem hard for me to be anti-sludge. Such a name! Maybe they should call it "toilet kittens?" [source of photo at right...]
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  1. That page by Bynum & Bynum about "sludge-biosolids" is mostly crap. The authors don't seem to understand the very regulations they go on and on about; just for example, this statement: "If sludge has any infectious characteristics, it is a hazardous waste" is false, and is contradicted just a few paragraphs down by: "EPA has yet to address infectious characteristics in the hazardous waste regulations."

    In general I am deeply skeptical of any argument that begins with a sentence like "What you don’t know about... could change your life and those of your family forever" and not just because of the grammar. When the second paragraph brings in THE CHILDREN! you can be pretty sure it's designed to scare, not inform.

    Look elsewhere for factual information with which to evaluate the potential risks of using sewage sludge in agriculture.


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