25 May 2010

Speed Blogging

  • Golf balls don't fall in the water trap, they ARE the water trap.

  • Economy sucks? Unemployment high? No worries. Sixteen Chicago managers make more money than the Mayor. Managers say they've done a better job with their budget, but monopolists who set prices where they want them would say that, wouldn't they?

  • People in Vancouver "only" use 325 lcd (~85 gcd) -- it's wet there -- but they may be getting closer to water shortages. Shortages? In British Columbia? WTF? Most people do not have meters, for now.

  • "Cotton subsidies have glutted the market by encouraging farmers, many of them in the Mississippi Delta, to grow the crop even when it is unprofitable. That lowers world market prices for everyone, from impoverished farmers in Mali who pick their crops by hand to multimillion-dollar operations in the San Joaquin Valley."
    The government has decided in their wisdom to encourage production of crops the market doesn't want. It must make political sense because it certainly doesn't make economic sense.
    Hear hear!

  • "Design for the First World seeks solutions to the rich world’s most pressing problems from designers and thinkers in the third world. Why? Because First World problems demand simple Third World solutions." You mean things like NOT subsidizing cotton? or water consumption? or sprawl? Damn straight.
Hattips to DL and DR


  1. Top Recipients of Public Pensions in New York Would Rank as 178th Largest Economy in World


  2. Shouldn't this be speed guest blogging?
    ; )

  3. @Josh -- Touche, BUT feel free to sort thru the crap I do to get that list. You will note that my paste/comment ratio is lower :)


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