19 May 2010

Poll Results -- What's it worth?

Hey! There's a new poll (traveling man!*) to the right --->
This blog provides ___ value to me (as a reader) per year
None 16%10
Less than $5 8%5
$5 -- $10 11%7
$10 -- $20 8%5
$20 -- $50 13%8
$50 -- $100 13%8
$100 - 250 8%5
The Moon! 25%16
64 votes total

These results are encouraging.** If I take the midpoint values of the votes (giving a value of $300 to "the moon"), then the average value is about $100 per voter per year. If I extrapolate $100 times the thousand subscribers here (the number of subscribers is down to 400 or so due to a periodic error at Feedburner), then the blog has a value of about $100,000! (Even at half that number, I'm doing ok.)


Of course, people are unlikely to pay their value (consumer surplus!), but it's good to put a number on this, if I ever have to go for a job review :)

As most of you know, I do this because I enjoy it, but it's great to know that it's useful/valuable to you :)

Bottom Line: You're "productive" if you add more value than you consume. I'm working on it!

* I was planning to go to Montana in 2 wks. Silly migration rules mean that Anne (NL) and I are going to Central America first. Guess we will have to stimulate a different economy...

** What's up with the $0 people? Why are they reading this blog at all? Nothing better to do? Nothing worth $0.01 more?


  1. Dr. Zetland posts:

    “** What's up with the $0 people? Why are they reading this blog at all? Nothing better to do? Nothing worth $0.01 more? “

    This is the same group that takes the time and spends the money to respond to a one- question-text-based-survey-question (ESPN does it all the time) and manage to respond by text with “unsure” or “no opinion”. That is, they spend time and money to let the world know they have no opinion.

    Yes, they walk amongst us.

  2. Interesting distribution. I wouldn't use any parametric statistics on that...

  3. @WEH and albionwood -- good comments, and no, I am not betting the house on these numbers :)

  4. After reading your blog (I get it) and I was always careful about water anyway, reduced my bill from $26 to $15 as being even more conscious about water... your blog is currently worth a direct value of $132 per year to me. I thank you!


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