19 May 2010

Poll Results -- What's it worth?

Hey! There's a new poll (traveling man!*) to the right --->
This blog provides ___ value to me (as a reader) per year
None 16%10
Less than $5 8%5
$5 -- $10 11%7
$10 -- $20 8%5
$20 -- $50 13%8
$50 -- $100 13%8
$100 - 250 8%5
The Moon! 25%16
64 votes total

These results are encouraging.** If I take the midpoint values of the votes (giving a value of $300 to "the moon"), then the average value is about $100 per voter per year. If I extrapolate $100 times the thousand subscribers here (the number of subscribers is down to 400 or so due to a periodic error at Feedburner), then the blog has a value of about $100,000! (Even at half that number, I'm doing ok.)


Of course, people are unlikely to pay their value (consumer surplus!), but it's good to put a number on this, if I ever have to go for a job review :)

As most of you know, I do this because I enjoy it, but it's great to know that it's useful/valuable to you :)

Bottom Line: You're "productive" if you add more value than you consume. I'm working on it!

* I was planning to go to Montana in 2 wks. Silly migration rules mean that Anne (NL) and I are going to Central America first. Guess we will have to stimulate a different economy...

** What's up with the $0 people? Why are they reading this blog at all? Nothing better to do? Nothing worth $0.01 more?