24 May 2010

My talk to sustainable MBA students

These are the folks who I provoked (into thinking, emotion, approval?) with my comment on triple bottom lines. I also said that green jobs are BS.

Besides those inflammatory remarks, I gave them three big economic truths about water (how we get shortages, the problem of missing costs, and the difference between a slide and shift in demand) and then did Q&A.

Here's the 50 minute MP3 [17MB].

After my talk, I listened to the next presentation -- "what do you want the economy to look like in 2050?"

Besides a lot of impossible stuff ("full employment, end of poverty, etc."), I was interested to see how often people mistook political, cultural and biological goals ("honest politicians, zero-waste society, male-female birth control equality") for economic goals. Don't ask the economy to take care of birth control or corruption!

Bottom Line: It's good to talk to students, if only to give them a few more things to think about.


  1. Full employment is easy - it just depends on its definition.

  2. As for birth control, it is largely a function of economics. Developed, wealthy nations have population declines (the U.S. being the exception, but probably not for long). Also, nations that put their resources into women's education see population growth declines.


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