18 May 2010

Lies, damned lies and politicians

Governor Schwarzenegger refuses to declare the end of the drought, in defiance of science. That's because he wants voters to "feel the pain" of water rationing, so they vote for the useless waste of money, the $11 billion bondage package that will tie us in debt, just to help his special interest friends.

It's Chinatown all over again.

Meanwhile, DWR says that it will impose water restrictions. DWR has been lobbying for the bill, which will give it more money to waste and more water to mismanage.

Bottom Line: Nature creates droughts, but people create shortages. The drought is over, but the shortage is not. You know who to blame.


  1. Part of it, I believe, has to do with climate projections for next year. According to JPL and other major forecast centers, La Nina (drought) is expected to return next year. They are already seeing big drops in Pacific temps and have said they will know more by the end of June.

    Personally, I think water managers need to strike drought from their vocabulary. They need to base releases based on supply measured over a three to five year period. That way, water releases are planned with next year in mind, not the water year that just passed.

  2. Oh, that is not to say that the gov and DWR are not playing politics.

  3. Did we ever expect DWR to say anything different?

    DFB, that sounds partly reasonable, but we all know that one-year predictions are darned-near impossible, and three-year predictions are not yet valuable. For example, we don't know for sure if la nina will appear this Fall until late June, or two months before the Fall. This year's el nino event was also incorrectly predicted in November - I'd heard above average precip. through much of March, yet here we are in May with rains.


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