7 May 2010

I've applied for California's Water Commission!

Apparently, even comedians can work on water issues (via JWT), and I decided that I am funny enough to get this job. I even included a nice joke on my signing statement:

I also know what I am talking about, so that is a bonus, right?

The CWC will control disbursement of $3 billion to be spent on water projects, should the water bond pass. (Although I oppose the bond, this is a hedge :)

I just submitted my application, in which I said this:
37. Please explain why you wish to serve in the Schwarzenegger Administration.

The State's water should be allocated to highest and best use, for the benefit of all Californians. I have a long and public record of writing and speaking on this question, and I feel that I can be a useful member of the State's Water Commission.

You can read my blog, academic papers, and PhD dissertation for more on my views.
Let's see what happens next! (Takes a deeeep breath.....)

Bottom Line: Nothing gets done until you get started.


Eric said...

If you are on the commission or if they do not want you, either way you win.

Glad you got started.

W.E. Heasley said...

If you land the position do not accept compensation in the form of coupons, script, I-O-you’s, in the form of Greeks bearing bonds, nor in the form of Californians bearing bonds. Require compensation to be in the form of precious metals or precious metal equivalents.


Your Swiss Banker

Mike Kole said...

Best of luck, David! I really hope you get the gig.

Jeff said...

You should have put something in your answer to question 37 about being inspired by the visionary leadership of the Governor. Good luck.

Assuming this doesn't work out, what are your plans for after the post-doc?

Four Mound Farm said...

You would be my first choice if I were the Governator. Common sense combined with a PhD. Priceless.

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