7 May 2010

I've applied for California's Water Commission!

Apparently, even comedians can work on water issues (via JWT), and I decided that I am funny enough to get this job. I even included a nice joke on my signing statement:

I also know what I am talking about, so that is a bonus, right?

The CWC will control disbursement of $3 billion to be spent on water projects, should the water bond pass. (Although I oppose the bond, this is a hedge :)

I just submitted my application, in which I said this:
37. Please explain why you wish to serve in the Schwarzenegger Administration.

The State's water should be allocated to highest and best use, for the benefit of all Californians. I have a long and public record of writing and speaking on this question, and I feel that I can be a useful member of the State's Water Commission.

You can read my blog, academic papers, and PhD dissertation for more on my views.
Let's see what happens next! (Takes a deeeep breath.....)

Bottom Line: Nothing gets done until you get started.