17 May 2010

I'm NOT on California's Water Commission

But nine other people are. The Governor announced their names on Friday afternoon. (That's when you announce important news that you want people to read, right?)

I don't know why these people were chosen. What's interesting to me is that there did not appear to be any open call for applicants. I applied the week before, but perhaps that was too late -- or I was too... you know.

Anyway, these folks -- if confirmed -- will be in charge of $3.5 billion. That's $400 million each. I bet they'll be getting a lot of invitations for nice cozy dinners with engineering firms...

In related news, the anti-bond folks now have a website. The battle of engineers, bureaucrats and farmers for pork, waste and non-solutions against citizens (including me) will be energetic.

I wonder where politicians -- our "representatives" -- will stand?

Hattips to JC and DW


  1. And you were ready to speak truth to power. Rats.

  2. Daily truth updates will continue to be posted here :)


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