11 May 2010

Down Under WTF?

(via TS) Australia's new water minister says:
What we want... more than anything else, we want people to use water but we want people to save water, we want people to use it wisely.
He appears to be asking people to use more because of the need to make use of additional supply from the new desal plant, but use less because it's not good to waste it.

I hear that people who live on the bottom half of the world say weird things sometimes. Is that because people who are hanging upside down have too much blood in their heads?


  1. Booooo!

    Allow me to enlighten your planetary perspective:


    By the way, that is the State of South Australia's new water minister, not the federal one (which is Penny Wong).

  2. These comments are from the Water Minister in the State of South Australia and are made in the context of the city of Adelaide and its water supply.

    Adelaide is quite some distance from the Murray River, yet still obtains its water from that system. It is widely recognised that the Murray is under enormous stress for a variety of reasons.

    One of the ways of lessening that stress is to wean Adelaide off the Murray - and desalination is one of the ways to achieve that.

    Of course, describing that wouldn't have added to your puerile attempt at humour or an illegitimate attempt to poke fun at Australia. We say weird things, do we mate? Have a quick look through your own backyard at some point.

  3. Oy, you guys are touchy. It's well-known that Yanks are ignorant of Oz, and yet you seem to think that we're *that* stupid. Ever heard of sarcasm, or did you not inherit that part of English culture?

    Thanks for the interpretation, but I'll just stick with me oxymoron, thanks.


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