27 May 2010

Bleg: The next bumper sticker

Hey folks!

I am thinking of doing another bumper sticker. (The first one is Some water for free, pay for more. These do not generate revenue; I give them away as swag.)

I am thinking of
Nature makes a drought
Man makes a shortage
Got any better wording?


  1. How about "Governments cause shortages"?

  2. Drought = Nature
    Shortage = Government

  3. How about, "some bumper stickers for free, pay for more".

  4. I'll give you real advice for a fee.

  5. The above was an offer AND a bumper sticker suggestion.
    ; )

  6. I was going to suggest:
    Drought = Nature
    Shortage = people

    But W.E. Heasley beat me to it, sort of. I don't blame the government for all our ills, though it causes plenty. It's my responsibility--all of our responsibility--to research the problems and make sure our representatives have the facts and know our wishes, especially where water use is concerned. Our personal consumption, food and landscaping choices have a lot to with human-caused drought.

  7. Wouldn't it be more accurate (though admittedly not as catchy) to say

    Some water paid for by everybody (general taxes), more water paid for by you alone.

    "No such thing as a free lunch" etc. and so on.

  8. Drought is inevitable: Shortages are not (or aren't)

    but...how about getting some marketing value for your money?

    End Water Shortages: Aguanomics.com

    (or something similar - an end to water shortage/how to end water shortage/California water solutions)

    Then put a "how to end water shortages" link at the top of your homepage.

    I'll post again if anything else comes to mind.

  9. Can't improve on that! Go for it.


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