3 May 2010

60 Minutes on the All American Canal

Over 550 people have drowned there. Imperial Irrigation District is in charge of safety, and they -- as with most things -- have not been effective in increasing it.

Here's the report (via DW), and here's a choice quotation (among many sad statements):
Fletermeyer believes it would take about $1 million to install buoys and escape lines every 150 feet.

"With the recommendations that I made, I think it's very realistic to say that 75 percent of the drownings could be prevented," he said.

And last year the board agreed to test one of Fletermeyer's safety lines.

But according to Stella Mendoza, that test never happened. Asked why, she said, "Bureaucracy."


Hunter was so frustrated with the pace of installing safety features that he built his own. Then, wearing fins and a wetsuit against the cold, he installed his system in less than ten minutes.

The Imperial Irrigation District removed it almost as fast.


"If 500 and more Americans had drowned in the canal, what do you think would have happened?" Pelley asked.

"If 50 Americans had drowned in the canal, this would have been solved a long time ago," Hunter replied.


The Imperial Irrigation District has recently started a year-long test of a single safety line. If the board votes to install the system it's testing, it will still cover only a short stretch of the canal that is lined with concrete.

"So three-quarters of the canal would have no safety features?" Pelley asked Stella Mendoza.

"Correct," she replied.

At this time, she said there's no plan for putting in safety features.

"So it's not likely people are gonna stop drowning in the canal?" Pelley asked.

"Probably," Mendoza replied.
And there you have it folks, "Let 'em drown Mendoza"

BTW, I appreciate the idea that the AAC is a moat that will "secure the border" from illegals, but are we really interested in killing people who try to get in? I think that's barbaric.