22 Apr 2010

Water managers don't look for bargains

BF, who works for an irrigation efficiency firm, says:
What drive me nuts is this: cities (eg. San Diego) have HUGE funds (~$10 Million) for rebates for low flow personal appliances (shower heads, toilets, etc) that save maybe 50 gallons of water a week and yet we get feedback from cities that they don’t have $100K to install efficiency gear that will reduce irrigation losses by 800,000 gallons of water a year (!).

What's up with that?
My thoughts:
  1. Water managers don't really like new ideas and they like selling volume
  2. City staff don't pay the water bill and they don't like work
  3. Residents want to "do something"
That's why you get nothing done when it matters (2) and something done where it doesn't (3). (1) are happy, since they still sell volume.

Bottom Line: Water managers will not care about wasting money (or water) unless their pay depends on it.