22 Apr 2010

Water managers don't look for bargains

BF, who works for an irrigation efficiency firm, says:
What drive me nuts is this: cities (eg. San Diego) have HUGE funds (~$10 Million) for rebates for low flow personal appliances (shower heads, toilets, etc) that save maybe 50 gallons of water a week and yet we get feedback from cities that they don’t have $100K to install efficiency gear that will reduce irrigation losses by 800,000 gallons of water a year (!).

What's up with that?
My thoughts:
  1. Water managers don't really like new ideas and they like selling volume
  2. City staff don't pay the water bill and they don't like work
  3. Residents want to "do something"
That's why you get nothing done when it matters (2) and something done where it doesn't (3). (1) are happy, since they still sell volume.

Bottom Line: Water managers will not care about wasting money (or water) unless their pay depends on it.


  1. So, DZ:

    If you were the water manager for San Diego would you look at a new fresh water Source for FREE if you had to keep the information confidential until you analyzed/decided to pursue all the water San Diego & Southern California needs ?

  2. I don't think that the City of San Diego even HAS its own rebate program or where that $10 million figure came from.

    I do know there are regional programs like SoCalWater$mart for device rebates and the California Cash for Appliances program which includes rebates for high-efficiency washers.

    I also don't know if funding for rebates comes out of water agency budgets or via taxpayers or a combination.

    BF's comparing the savings of 50/gal/week from a device vs. 800,000 gals/year from a big project doesn't explain anything.

    I can point to the Metropolitan Water District's SaveABuck page which says this about rebates issued through its member agencies (San Diego included):

    "Since Sept. 21, 2009, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and its member public agencies have received 4,085 reservations for water-saving device rebates, thanks to the efforts of many Southern California individuals and organizations to increase water efficiency at work. This will result in more than 3,559 acre-feet of water to be saved annually."

  3. @WS -- off topic.

    @George -- interesting. 3500 af from 4000 "reservations" that appear to save about 300,000 gallons of water each. ~800 gal/day/device seems a bit high!

  4. DZ,

    You make statements like, "Water managers don't really like new ideas".

    Well, neither do you. You point your critical shot gun barrel at the whole world in hopes that somehow a lucky BB will promote you to some sort of water czar in charge of making decisions in a small drainage basin when you have ZERO experience in anything to do with water or water rights. All you can do is criticize, never analyze.

    I may have an impossible dream, but I have at least thought it through legally, environmentally, physically and economically. Based on years of in the trenches experience, in my professional opinion ( 50 years and 2500 Court cases), it is doable without DAMAGE to anyone or the environment. I may be a thorn, but I don't piss people off with wild statements based on hot air, smoke, mirrors and pizie dust ( inert BBs).

  5. @David I kind of raised my eyebrows at those numbers too. Might be a typo; 4000 reservations from among all the member agencies seems like a low number. Or maybe they meant 350 acre feet!

  6. @Ray (Water source) Tell me your idea. Stop hinting at it. I'm tired of your innuendo, and I'm insulted by your comments.

    You're next comment should be a detailed description of your free source, or it will be the last comment ever posted on my blog.


  7. I'm with DZ on that, Ray - if you want to be taken seriously, produce something to back up your claims. Otherwise it sounds like a Nigerian bank scam, or those Euro lottery e-mails I keep getting. (Hey, there's an idea: Since I have apparently won a million Euros, how about I use that to fund development of your water source? Just send me your bank account information, SSN, password, etc. and I'll take care of the rest. :-))

    You can't really expect anyone to take seriously a claim offered without any supporting evidence. Surely you can offer at least an outline of your idea, without compromising your ability to profit therefrom?

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