26 Apr 2010

Travelblog: Indonesia photos I

In the next few days, I'm going to post a few photos for those of you interested my thoughts from my recent travels in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Part I: You're in a less-developed country

Indonesia is welcoming, but not to drug traffickers. Also see this post on Islam.

This pollution indicator sign was broken -- probably by Jakarta's pollution!

This sign advertises shark-fin soup, one of the worst foods in terms of negative environmental impacts. The price is about $11/person.

How to use a toilet. People boarding planes had no concept of an assigned seat.

These villas were cheap and had a fabulous view. Too bad if someone decides that your title to the property is invalid (a common problem).

This guy is cutting wood for a boat. Steady hands can substitute for expensive gear.

Part II: Drinks!

This hot/cold fountain was in Taipei, Taiwan

These guys are unloading cases of bottled water (from Danone)

This is where those bottles end up. See this post on how to clean them up.

Here's an old water filter from a noble's palace.

Here's a new water refilling station (5 gal/20 lt for US$1.50)

Meanwhile, people -- tourists and locals -- love drinking beer on the island. (They don't have much water there, either. Read this.)

The boiled coffee java(!) there was ok, but I prefer espresso.


  1. Thanks for the great pics! I love a look at parts of the world I've never been to.

    Death penalty for drug smuggling. Wow. Harsh. Here I am thinking the world would be better off if it were legalized or de-criminalized.

  2. Somewhat different but great infos nonetheless. Thank u for sharing. Nice photos btw.


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