30 Apr 2010

Speed Blogging

  • Pacific Gas and Electric is spending millions (of ratepayer money!) to protect its market share and prevent competition. No on Prop 16.

  • Incentives matter. The Spanish government guarantees a higher price for solar power so some companies installed "midnight solar" (diesel) generators.

  • This 1977 paper [pdf] on the history of efforts to change water flows in the Delta is recommended for anyone who wants to understand the depth of this debate.

  • Whoops! The scandal over "recycled" carbon permits in Europe's [carbon] emissions trading system.

  • The Federal Government spends $70 billion/year on research, in a budget of $3.5 trillion. I'd say that we should spend more than 2 percent on research and less than 20 percent on defense (or four percent at the USDA -- we know that money's wasted!)

  • Liability Warrior has a good post on governance at Marin MWD (bad) vs. Novato Sanatary District (good). The difference? MMWD cares about itself; NSD cares about its customers.
hattips to MH and DW

1 comment:

  1. Re: Prop 16. Given the despicable history of municipalities and other public entities condemning private electric systems, I'm not sure whom to root against, here.

    One ray of sunshine: will Julia Roberts play the Voice of the People in this movie, too?


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