23 Apr 2010

Speed Blogging

Hattips to KA, DW and JW


  1. Terrain article is good - there are so many onerous laws that hurt businesses and in turn, us. These laws raise the price of business so much - I visited the Cultured Pickle recently and found out that they are inspected by Local, County, State and Federal health folks, all of which just want a check, according to the proprietor. Its a real disappointment that Berkeleyans can not see the cost that their zoning/business/health codes impose on everyone.

  2. Peer norms work...unless you are a Republican: http://www.slate.com/id/2251658/

  3. The Terrain article is good! I'm not sure it really supports your headline, though, because (1) it points out that many other cities are facing exactly the same issues, and (2) the bureacracy recognizes the problem and agrees their codes need to be changed. In what way is that "horrible?"

    Certainly it makes no sense that the exact same activities are legal if done for free but illegal if money changes hands. That is a fundamental problem with the regulatory structure - a question of assumptions - not a particular problem with Berkeley.

    If the article showed a way in which the bureacrats could have approved the activity but didn't, then your headline would have been fair. From my experience with such things, I suspect there probably were/are ways that could have been done, so perhaps Berkeley deserves its "horrible bureacracy" rep. And since I am 'market-gardening' myself, I'm deeply sympathetic!


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