13 Apr 2010

Speed Blogging

  • The IPCC's big screw up on glaciers; they are not melting by 2035.

  • The psychology of power: Those who think they deserve it, abuse it. (Note that winning an election is a quick way of confirming "deserving!) On a related note, read this piece [pdf], which finds that "people act more altruistically after mere exposure to green than conventional products. However, people act less altruistically and are more likely to cheat and steal after purchasing green products as opposed to conventional products."

  • Fighting corruption (in India) by making it clear that you know you are being solicited for a bribe:

  • Chronicle of a death foretold: Australia's water problems are not new, they result from exceeding long-known limits. Read this short history.

  • Venezuelans are running short on (hydro-generated) electricity because of subsidies that encourage overuse. The poor suffer.
Hattips to JF and MD

1 comment:

  1. Another worthwhile Economist article, IMO, though not explicitly about water:

    The large-type point at the end: "With climate change you do not need to invent things; the truth, even with all those uncertainties and caveats, is scary enough."


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