7 Apr 2010

Speed blogging

  • Two excellent podcast/interviews: Jones on twittering macroeconomics and Ritholtz on the Bailout Game (yes, the Feds are stopping markets from working)

  • Play the catchment pollution game!

  • Todd Jarvis sent me this short piece [pdf] on water conflict. It's interesting -- not just for quoting me (woo hoo!) -- but because Jarvis brings in the importance of groundwater and the MANY ways in which conflict can occur. I liked especially his observation that both sides to a conflict are apt to have their own experts ("world's best") , and that these experts rarely talk to each other. I think I see the root of the problem!

  • Public servants at work: "Corrupt politicians [in Karachi, Pakistan] allow businessmen to siphon off as much as 41% of the city's water supply and turn around and sell it at exorbitant rates to residents..."

  • The aguanomics of golf in California [pdf]: "Revenues were, on average, $14,431 per acre of land and $5,126 per acrefoot of water at golf courses, but only $2,264 per acre of land and $645 per acre-foot of water at conventional farms."

  • An Insider's View of the Real Estate Train Wreck [highly recommended]. The wrecking engine? The Feds are buying all the loans.
Hattips to BB, DL and RM

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