20 Apr 2010

A Modest Proposal for Carbon

  1. China is growing without restraint, through exports and exploitation of natural resources.
  2. The US has a voracious appetite for imports, but little credit to buy them, and little local production to export.
  3. The Chinese are eating more and more meat, and Americans suffer an obesity problem.**
(1) and (2) can be reconciled by taking (3) into account, i.e., exporting fat people from the US to China, for (stir-fried) consumption. We export resources, and reduce our carbon footprints; they get new sources of meat and energy, from a trade-partner that needs new markets.

Bottom Line: Win-win sometimes takes outa-the-takeaway thinking :)

* I took that photo -- yes, it's a dog -- in southern China.

** DH sent this excellent piece in which John Stossel makes fun of government programs to make meat cheaper AND try to get people to eat less meat. Here's the kicker:


  1. Maybe I'm misreading, but it seems like you wrote that fat people from the U.S. should be stir-fried and eaten by the Chinese?

  2. Why does the government discriminate against some crops? How about the crop subsidy equality act, in which every crop gets the same subsidy as the most subsidized crop?

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  4. updated version of A Modest Proposal

    anything with John Stossel gives me pause

  5. More efficient to render the fatsos down right here in the US (Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!), because we can use the fat in bio diesel, etc. Then sell the meat to China.
    I agree with FC, if I change his final wording to: "every crop gets the same subsidy as the least subsidized crop".


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