21 Apr 2010

LADWP's new head

The Daily News is annoyed that the mayor has appointed his friend as the temporary head of LADWP. I agree. LA doesn't need more cronyism.

They are surprised that the new head is a Wall Street financier, not an engineer. That does NOT surprise me.

They worry that he will not be qualified to carry forward LADWP's green programs. Oh, no, that's no accident.

I left this comment:
LADWP is ALL ABOUT money, and it's more important to maintain a good bond rating than good service. And green energy? That's the biggest growth area for financial engineers these days.
Let's see what happens...

1 comment:

  1. DW say: Too bad. I was hoping they would keep David Freeman on at LADAP permanently. He shakes up every place
    he goes.


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