14 Apr 2010

I support tea baggers*

Not because they lack logic ("get your government hands off my medicare"), but because they are worried about wasteful government spending and the brutal taxes and borrowing that come with them. Bush II is more responsible than Obama for the current military and economic mess, but the Congress should also be blamed. Few members of the Democratic or Republican establishments deserve our support, but Ron Paul (R-TX) gets my vote, for his unflinching opposition to fat cats in DC.

(I favor public funding of health care and education, with private provision -- competition -- for each. Current -- and recently passed -- legislation does nothing to address quality and cost problems. A pity.)

For more on these topics, listen to this podcast on Public Choice.

Addendum: BC sent the image on right. Not sure about source (it seems to leave out ss/medicare transfers), but I agree with the general point.

Bottom Line: The only way to reduce government waste is to reduce government.

* I know that they are really called tea partiers, but I kinda like the new name. They should take it over and wear it with pride -- like gays (their natural allies :) -- did.


  1. Is it just me or are all the cool people becoming some variety of libertarian? Minus the loony tea baggers of course (which is admittedly a sizable chunk of that group).

  2. The graphic represents what? Proportion of tb that disapprove of . . .
    thank you, rm

  3. I don't support Tea Baggers or libertarians precisely because they lack logic.

  4. @JK -- I've been a libertarian for a LONG time :) http://aguanomics.com/2008/06/my-politics.html

    @Palisades -- not making sense?

    @dnp -- and you say that D/R have logic? What about power = corruption is not logical to you?

  5. Power = corruption is entirely predictable, historically demonstrable process. Not sure it's logical.

    Libertarian philosophy always sounds and tries to be logical. It's simple set of principles, like Ayn Rand's, make so much sense in theory. I loved Atlas Shrugged as a boy.

    Logic, as theory, is perfect. Politics are the opposite of logic. I prefer the pragmatic, undoubtedly messy, corrupt, logic of politics to purity of vision and fundamentalism of any type.

    I've been to a Tea Party, in
    San Antonio, last spring (in fact, exactly a year ago). There was no logic there. Passion, yes. Belief, yes. Anger with Obama's policies, yes. Logic, no.


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