29 Apr 2010

Futuristic plastic is present-day pollution

Japanese chemists found BPA at every one of the 200 ocean sites.
BPA is a synthetic compound used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and epoxy resins and is linked to disorders of the endocrine system, heart disease, and altered childhood development... both hard and soft plastics discarded in the sea break down rapidly, releasing toxins. About 3 million tons of plastics containing BPA are produced each year.
Here's some of the plastic I found in Fiji:

And JWT sent me this piece on plastic islands in the Atlantic. Damn.

Bottom Line: Don't consume plastic unless you know where it goes -- for the next thousand years.

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  1. Yes. Good post. I have tried to reduce my purchasing of plastic. However, for certain food stuffs it is hard to avoid. For example, if you ever want to buy yogurt, it is all in plastic. Should we give up yogurt? Is it OK to buy plastic and then recycle? I think that we need to ask our local food stores not to sell to-go items in plastic containers. If they do, don't buy it.


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